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Respite Care in Kennewick, WA

About Our Respite Care Services

Respite care is short-term support provided to families and caregivers who need relief from the full-time duties associated with caring for someone who needs special care. Respite can provide temporary relief from long hours of constant care, enabling the caregiver and the person receiving care to rest, relax, and recharge. It also helps reduce stress and can prevent burnout. Services can range from hours a day to overnight stays and may include daytime or evening activities.

What risks do family caregivers face without respite care?

At times, it’s essential to break from the demands of caregiving. Respite care can allow you and your family to take a break from the physical and emotional toll of providing care for someone with special needs or disabilities.
Respite care offers many benefits:

  • It provides a much-needed break for the caregiver. Taking regular breaks can help reduce burnout and improve your ability to provide quality care.
  • It allows the caregiver to care for their needs, such as attending medical appointments or running errands.
  • It allows the care recipient to connect and interact with different people and activities.
  • It can help maintain a healthy balance between work/family life by allowing for more flexibility and time away from caregiving responsibilities.
  • It provides the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.
Kennewick, WA respite care

What are the benefits of Respite Care?

Respite care aims to help the caregiver maintain their health while providing quality care for their loved one. It also allows families and caregivers to take some time away from their daily responsibilities to get proper rest, engage in enjoyable activities, and build meaningful relationships with other people. Call us today to schedule a FREE, no-obligation, in-home consultation.

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We'll alleviate the stress and burnout associated with caregiving.


We'll tend to your loved one's social and emotional needs as well as their physical needs.


Our exceptional care will show you why our retention rates blow away industry standards.


Your loved one will adore their caregiver and look forward to their visits. If they don't, we'll match you with a new one.


Your senior loved one will maintain their independence.


We are locally owned and our management will be personally involved with the care of your loved one.


Our leadership will personally check in with you every month to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your care.


You'll have 24-hour access to our on call office staff to attend to any need that may arise.


We'll help you access your LTC insurance and VA benefits.


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