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Home care solutions that empower seniors to age joyfully in the comfort of their own cherished home

At Solutions In-Home Care, we believe there’s no place like home. That’s why, over the past 13+ years, our local nurse-owned Tri-Cities & Kennewick WA Home Care Agency has helped thousands of Tri-Cities seniors avoid expensive and unfamiliar care facilities to thrive independently at home.

Kennewick WA Home Care
Kennewick WA Home Health Care Agency

What drives our owner, Heather Michael

Why Choose Home Care?

Call now to be matched with loving and compatible caregiver care in Kennewick, Walla Walla, and Tri-Cities, Washington. THRIVE at home with our top-rated home care agencies in Kennewick!

Kennewick WA Home Care

Is Your Senior Loved One Safe Without Kennewick WA Home Care?

Without the help of a professional caregiver, aging alone at home often leads to needless tragedy for seniors and burnout for their families

Warning signs your aging loved one could be in danger when left alone

Does your loved one:

  • Struggle with daily household tasks?
  • Get confused throughout the day?
  • Drive unsafely?
  • Have difficulty paying bills on time?
  • Forget to take their medications?
  • Struggle to navigate their way through their home?

If any of this describes your loved one, you must get them help immediately. Don’t wait until they fall or have a medical emergency to realize that it’s too late to do something.

Are you experiencing overwhelming stress or burnout trying to do everything yourself?

Do you:

  • Lose sleep worrying about your loved one when they’re alone?
  • Have problems at work because you regularly need to take time off to tend to your loved one?
  • Constantly miss important events in your child’s life?
  • Neglect other important responsibilities due to lack of time?
  • Struggle with the feeling that you’re letting others down?

Due to the exorbitant cost of care facilities, you may feel like there are no options other than doing everything yourself, but there is another way, and Solutions In-Home Care is your answer.

Avoid the highly regulated, regimented, & expensive care facilities!

Enjoy flexible scheduling that can accommodate any situation or need.

We offer affordable prices with multiple payment options available.

Kennewick WA Home Care
Kennewick WA Home Care

Our Kennewick WA in-home care agency frees you from the stress of caregiving

Simply spend quality time with your loved one as their child or spouse instead of as their caregiver with Solutions In-Home Care

Make the most of your time together with your aging loved-one by focusing on each other instead of the frustrations of caregiving duties.

Take back control of your life with Solutions In-Home Care

With Solutions In-Home Care, you’ll finally enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and thriving at home with a compassionate and attentive caregiver at their side. Plus, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Get caught up on other responsibilities you’ve been neglecting
  • Spend quality time with your kids and grandkids
  • Release the guilt of not being able to get to everything yourself
  • Take a vacation to care for yourself for once!

Call today to simplify your life and prioritize quality time with your loved one!

Tri-Cities Home Health Care Agency

Our world-class home care solutions are the answer to your prayers

Whether you or your loved one needs high-quality home support, recovery from surgery with the support of affordable home and in-home senior care solutions, living with a chronic illness and requiring memory home care, companion care, or simply aging, our services are the solution you need.

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Enjoy the comforts of home with the assistance of our skilled caregivers. We ensure your loved one’s safety and wellbeing with trained and certified professionals who care for their every need on a daily basis.

Home care

Home Care
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Care Management

Our elder home care advocates will assess your situation and provide the necessary care plans, caregivers, and resources to manage multiple diagnoses, doctor appointments, and prescriptions effortlessly.

Care management

Care management
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Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurses are available to provide services for clients of all ages who require a higher level of home health care. We come to you in your home for convenience and efficiency.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

Whether you need hospice home care, home health care with a registered nurse, specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia home care, or personal home care to help with daily tasks, our team is prepared to help

Dementia Home Care

Personal Home Care

24 Hour Home Care

Hospice Home Care

Respite Care

Senior Home Care

Trusted Kennewick WA Home Care Agency For Tri-Cities Area

See why thousands of Tri-Cities seniors choose Solutions In-Home Care

Best Home Care Provider, Employer, and Leader in Excellence 4 years running

best of home care provider of choice award 2019, 2020
best of home care leader in excellence award for 2019, 2020
best of home care employer of choice award for 2019, 2020

Kennewick WA home care quality guarantee

Our quality guarantee ensures our client's later years in life are their golden years of life.

Kennewick, WA Home Care Caregiver

Our Promise To You...


We'll alleviate the stress and burnout associated with caregiving.


We'll tend to your loved one's social and emotional needs as well as their physical needs.


Our exceptional care will show you why our retention rates blow away industry standards.


Your loved one will adore their caregiver and look forward to their visits. If they don't, we'll match you with a new one.


Your senior loved one will maintain their independence.


We are locally owned and our management will be personally involved with the care of your loved one.


Our leadership will personally check in with you every month to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your care.


You'll have 24-hour access to our on call office staff to attend to any need that may arise.


We'll help you access your LTC insurance and VA benefits.


Reliable TRI-CITIES Home Care Is Only One Call Away

3 Simple Steps To Ensure Your Loved One’s Later Years In Life Are Their Golden Years Of Life


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We’re ready to answer any questions you have and start your loved one on the path to thriving independently at home with a loving caregiver in Kennewick,WA .


Schedule A Free In-Home Care Assessment

We will review the care needs, schedule, hobbies, and personality to create a customized care plan that matches your loved one’s needs and preferences.


Get Matched with A Compatible Caregiver

We’ll match them with a Tri-Cities & Kennewick caregiver who feels like family, offering high-quality companion care services that exceed expectations. If your loved one doesn’t bond with them and look forward to their visits, we will find a new one.

Call now to schedule a FREE, no-obligation, in-home consultation

After conducting our assessment, we'll create a custom whole-person home care plan based on your needs, schedule, personality, and lifestyle.

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