Vision trouble can show up in a variety of different ways for your aging adult. When you know the symptoms of vision loss to look for, you can help her to get to the eye doctor before a serious problem develops.

She’s Definitely Experiencing Vision Loss

Often vision loss is more obvious to you than it might be to your aging adult. You might notice that she’s squinting a lot or that she’s holding things closer to her eyes or farther away than normal. These are all attempts to compensate for her lost vision and to try to see more effectively. This can happen even with corrective lenses. It’s possible that she needs a new prescription or that there are other issues at play.

She’s Mentioned “Floaters” or Flashes

Floaters or flashing lights are common with a variety of issues, such as the aura stage of migraines. But they can also show up for other reasons, like when the retina detaches from the eye or becomes torn. If your elderly family member has never experienced floaters before and is suddenly mentioning them, it’s important to determine a cause as soon as possible.

She’s Having a Tough Time with Colors

If your elderly family member is mentioning that she’s seeing different colors than you are, she might be having trouble with her vision. The most common cause for this is cataracts because the cataract clouds the lens of her eye and changes how she sees the world. A full eye exam can help your senior to get to the full reason behind the issues she’s having seeing colors correctly.

She’s Rubbing Her Eyes and Complaining of Irritation

Another sign that your senior is having vision trouble could be how she’s treating her eyes. If she’s telling you that they feel irritated, or like they’re burning, there might be something going on with them. She could also be rubbing them more than usual, especially if she’s unable to talk to you about how her eyes are feeling. Watch for symptoms of vision loss like this so that you can try to address whatever might be happening.

Pasco area home care providers can also help you to spot potential issues with your aging adult’s vision. They’ve got experience in spotting these types of issues and can clue you in on what you need to watch for in order to get your senior to a doctor that can identify the causes of vision loss as quickly as possible.

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