What is it about cats that can lull us into watching cute cat videos on the Internet for hours without realizing how much time has passed?

There’s just something about their furry faces and deep, comforting purrs that make them irresistible. If your older relative is one of the many people who is drawn to the cuteness of a cat, there are many benefits of pets for seniors, so consider helping them to adopt one or to keep the cat they already have.

Physical and Emotional Benefits of Cats

One of the benefits of cats is that they are comforting. In a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, respondents indicated that being with cats helps people feel calmer. In fact, 87 percent of the people who responded said that they believed living with a cat improved their general sense of well-being. 76 percent stated that their cats helped them deal with stress better.

Studies have also shown that having a cat makes older adults more physically active. Although cats are typically less work than dogs, caring for a cat still requires seniors to get up and move around to feed the cat, clean its litter box, and play with it.

Cats can also reduce feelings of loneliness. Having a cat gives your aging relative someone to talk to and spend time with. Cats can even help seniors to interact with other people. Research indicates that when a pet is around, people talk and smile more. They even get up and move around the room more.

Why Cats are “Purr-fect” Pets for Seniors

Cats make excellent pets for seniors because they are, in general, easy to care for. They don’t need to be taken outside to do their business. Instead, they are quite happy to spend all their time indoors.

Cats also need less exercise than dogs. Since they don’t need to be walked, even an older adult who is confined to a wheelchair can provide them with the exercise they need. The senior simply needs to be able to hold a laser pointer or fishing pole toy to play with the cat.

Finally, cats sleep a lot. They are usually pretty happy to spend most of the day curled up in a chair or on a lap. For older adults who are bed-ridden, a cat will contentedly snuggle up on the bed with them and keep them company.

Concerned about your aging relative being unable to care for a cat? Home care can help your relative enjoy all the benefits of having a cat with none of the effort. Home care providers can assist the senior to feed and water the cat each day. Home care providers can also clean the litter box. And, when it’s time for the cat to go to the vet for a checkup, a home care provider can drive both the older adult and their cat to the vet’s office.

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